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India is emerging as a significant player in the international landscape, and this is as much due to its economic liberalization policies as the turn of geo-political developments. But recent events in India, such as the fall of three governments in the last two years, dramatic growth of coalition politics, nuclear tests, and the Kargil war between India and Pakistan, have however all caused concern and disquiet among both foreign governments and international investors. Many MNCs have been unable, or unwilling, to advance their country business plans in an environment of political uncertainty, bureaucratic hurdles, conflicting signals on economic policy and rapid social change.

International investors, bankers and diplomats need clear direction to understand the future course and impact of the complex maze of changes currently underway in India. Senior international decision-makers want clarity on future scenarios, opportunities and risks in India. For instance:

How long this will the current BJP-led regime last ?
What happens after Vajpayee ?
Is the government serious when it talks about introducing the "second phase of reforms" ?
What are the problems and likely scenarios in India's troubled Power sector ?
Are business costs and Indian currency going to stay stable in the near future ?
Is the Internet hype in India real ?  How will it affect MNCs ?
How is Indian bureaucracy reacting to reforms, and what role will it play in future ?
Is the Indian media objective and fair ? 
What are the implications for international investors on India's changing diplomatic equation with major powers ?
Are Indian industry chambers a help or hindrance to MNCs ?
Will social and political unrest by the RSS increase next year if the BJP loses local elections in Uttar Pradesh ?

INDIA FOCUS can answer these questions, and more

INDIA FOCUS is a comprehensive political, diplomatic and economic commentary on India which attempts to provide the most professional, truthful, objective and forward looking perspective on events in the country and their likely impact.

INDIA FOCUS is the only publication of its kind which does detailed research, analysis and forecasting on a range of political, business and social trends, rather than merely relying on cut-and-paste news items.

INDIA FOCUS examines things from an independent and realistic perspective, and covers a vast spectrum of real issues in India that could affect foreign firms and international organizations, including subtle factors that may influence the future course of events.

INDIA FOCUS identifies risk factors in major areas of the Indian economy, and provides management options and long-term strategies which will help foreign companies with their Indian market entry, expansion and future positioning.

INDIA FOCUS is the only specialized political risk and business forecasting report on India, from India.

What Do You Get By Subscribing ?

  • Impact analysis of local developments on foreign governments and international firms

  • Forecast of political and economic risk factors

  • Detailed trend analysis of different business and industry sectors

  • Special consultancy reports on business opportunities, market trends and socio-cultural issues

  • Valuable source of expert opinion to complement in-house analysis of critical concerns

  • Free email/telephonic consultancy

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